Our mission is to write person-specific Résumés that help to convey effectively the employability of our Clients.


Our commitment to serving each Client on individual merit sets us apart from cookie-cutter Résumé "makers."


We're here to help you stand out and get noticed by your future employer.

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There is Résumé, and there is Résumé. One is generic, and the other is a reflection of your personality and professional experience.


The TWA Résumé is the right tool to match your professional offerings and personal brand with the prospective employer that is looking for you.



Client Centered Content

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"No Cookie-Cutter Resumes Here"

-John B.

Human-Powered Content Creation

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Why Choose Us?

  • We listen to your story

    TWA is proud to create Résumés that are individually crafted to each Client's needs. We listen to your professional aspirations and desires, and join you in envisioning your successful future.

  • We tell your story

    You won't find Résumé-mill types of products around here! The TWA Résumé makes YOU and your professional values the heroes of the story. We work with you to reveal your authentic self. 

  • We write for today's market

    Employers are interested in whether you can solve the challenges they face. Your Résumé must demonstrate that you can. We help you articulate your commitment to your field of expertise in a way that it speaks most meaningfully to your target audience.

  • We care about your success

    Instead of giving you a bargain-basement Résumé that employers may or may not notice, we help you strategically position your relevant expertise and personal brand.  

Our Services


  • Résumé (Level 1) 

  • Interview with an expert writer

  • Keyword Optimized Résumé for Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Formatted to get you noticed by top employers

  • Digital Delivery: Word and PDF




  • Résumé Pro (Level 2)

  • Cover Letter

  • Interview & work with a seasoned Résumé writer

  • Keyword Optimized Résumé for Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Formatted to get you noticed by top employers

  • Digital Delivery:  Word and PDF 

  • Interview Cheat Sheet




  • Résumé Pro (Level 3+)

  • Collaborate with our Top (1%) Executive Résumé Writers

  • Keyword Optimized Résumé for Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Formatted to get you noticed by top employers

  • Cover Letter +

  • Digital Delivery: Word and PDF

  • Interview Cheat Sheet

  • Thank You Note

  • Follow-up Letter

  •  LinkedIn Profile Makeover + 

How It Works?

  • We assess your needs

    This is a preliminary conversation where we start to get to know you, and you get to ask questions. The interaction marks the beginning of resource-building.

  • We mastermind the plan

    This part includes organizing, weighing in and coordinating all materials we have for planning out the strategic approach needed to make your Résumé a success.

  • We create your Résumé

    At this phase, we roll up our sleeves and develop your Résumé. Throughout the process, we keep communicating with you to  ensure authentic outcome.

  • You go and get your dream job!

    And this is the phase that makes all the hard work worthwhile. We can't wait to see you empowered to take your career to the next level.





Make Your Career-Move Now!

         As a writer, you should not judge,          you should understand.

Ernest Hemingway

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What Our Clients Say!

Cindy W.

TWA is the perfect choice

Thank you for such an amazing work on my resume. I loved how you tapped into my personality and figured out how it supported and strengthened my professional value. Wow!

Richard S.

Resume about me

I had no idea what a confidence booster your services were going to be for me. I'm happy I made this investment into myself and my future. I truly believe that the "person-specific" resume you wrote helped my new employer find me, and the coaching sessions prepared me well for the interviews.

Andrew A.

Professional Pitch

My professional pitch proved to be very effective in getting responses from my targeted employers. My writer asked me the right questions [...] to craft the resume just for me. She was able to emphasize the unique marketable power of my set of professional skills that I didn't even know existed. What is interesting is that I see and appreciate my skills more now than prior to working with TWA.

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