Frequently Asked Questions

Making a positively memorable first impression on a potential employer starts with your Résumé and Cover Letter. Content, looks, professional relevance (among some other things) matter a great deal at the brief moment of preliminary selection process when your Résumé either makes it into the "go" or the "no-go" pile of application files. TWA considers all angles necessary and available for writing your Résumé and Cover Letter for you and about you. Our goal is to maximize the likelihood that you land the position you desire. The following content is here to help you answer a few commonly asked questions about the work we do at TWA.

Why choose The Writing Authority to write my Résumé?

As a job seeker, you aim to get the job you want. As professional writers here at TWA, we aim to help you make that happen. And to reach that goal with flying colors, we at TWA consider each Résumé as a unique opportunity to herald your personal brand. That is why you find more than just outstanding writers at TWA. Next to being skilled in wordsmithing and recruiting, our team effectively tackles tasks of personal brand development and personal brand overhaul. Our visual communicators are trained in graphic design, brand design, photography, multimedia, marketing, human factors, and product/industrial design.

While automated Résumé services can get you a Résumé very quickly, they likely to sweep over your personal needs. Sure, there are sophisticated algorithms to produce your Résumé within a day or two, but every one of them is missing the actual human contact and person-specific care that we at TWA offer. We design and develop your Résumé by getting to know you, so we can showcase your professional skills and aptitudes at their best light. At TWA, we understand the value and role of having advanced marketing skills and work on your Résumé guided by key marketing principles by which, employers perceive you as an asset.

What is the standard turnaround time for a person-specific Résumé?

Building a standard-package, you-specific Résumé typically requires a minimum of two weeks to complete. The actual time-frame depends on the complexity of starting material you've provided, and what your availability for interview(s) and collaboration with the Writer is. Interviews, questionnaire responses, and the processing of submitted data do take time, and the more effective we (you and us) together are in coordinating the needed intercommunication sessions, the quicker your Résumé will be done.

May I consult with you about Résumé processing time prior to placing my order?

Yes! Absolutely, yes! We want you to find the Résumé service that is best suited for your needs and available time. Request an appointment, and we will be happy to provide answers to your questions to help you make an informed decision about working with TWA.

How does Résumé service work?

The Writing Authority writers approach each Client's needs exactly as they are: A set of unique and specifically important case. We choreograph each Résumé project based on:

  1. The writer’s experiences and expertise in writing
  2. The writer’s knowledge and research of various industry skills, requirements, and job types
  3. Your submitted Client-Profile resource
  4. Known ATS (Applicant Tracking System) data processing filter behaviors
  5. Interview(s) and inter-communicative collaboration with you

Once all necessary data is collected, it takes about a week to organize the information, determine the document’s most fitting job-focus, and write the first draft (Draft 1) of your Résumé. When you've received the first Draft, you are to respond as soon as possible (but no later than 14 days), with feedback/change-requests/or even a need to tweak the initial job-focus of the document. Within a week, we'll rework the Résumé as required and provide you with Draft 2 for review. Typically, the majority of second-draft Résumés (Draft 2) are quickly approved by our Clients, and the finalized Résumés are produced within two days of that approval.

Is my information kept confidential at The Writing Authority?

Yes, it is. When you place an order with our company, the collection of some personal information such as your name, phone number, home address, email address, education, work experience, etc. are necessary. Rest assured, we do not share your personal information with any third party.

Who are the customers of TWA?

We work with job seekers of all ages, having a broad range and levels of professional experiences and career objectives:

  1. Entry Level | College students
  2. Young professionals (less than 3 years in the workforce)
  3. Professionals (between 3 and 10 years in the workforce)
  4. Seasoned professionals (more than 10 years in the workforce)
  5. Career changing professionals of any age
  6. Advanced professionals | Executive level clients​

What are the accepted methods of payment for TWA services?

Payments are to be made right here at Website. We accept:

  1. Visa
  2. American Express
  3. Discovery
  4. MasterCard

Is there a refund for writing services?

Yes, there is. If you place an order but change your mind within 14 days for any reason, and work on your project has not started yet, we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

When work has already been started on your project, or there are more than 4 days have passed since you have placed the order, refund is no longer issued.

PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THIS: Once you have been granted access to the proprietary TWA content needed to create your Résumé Resource base, your project is considered as "started." Based on our experience, most Clients want us to start working on their project right away, shortly after they have placed their orders. This requires us to move fast to collect the necessary Résumé Resource content. For this reason, Clients typically receive access to TWA proprietary information within 1 day (but definitely within 14 days) of placing their orders. After the TWA proprietary information is made available for Clients, refund is no longer issued.

Should you have second thoughts about using our services after you have placed an order, please request us to put your order processing on hold immediately and DO NOT distribute to you proprietary TWA information. If you wish to cancel your order entirely, please do so within the 14-day holding period to receive your refund.

Should you fail to request a project hold or a complete cancellation prior to receiving access to the TWA proprietary content, TWA will no longer issue you refund. However, you will not lose your investment. We will grant you an in-house credit option, which you can use within 180 days of originally placing the order. You may renew your original order or use the in-house credit for any service offered on our Website. After the 180 days, your in-house credit will expire, and no refund will be issued.

Thank you very much for your close attention to this matter. ​

Who will write my ordered content?

Our professional writing staff consists of writers with various academic degrees and fields of expertise. To ensure the quality of our services, we carefully investigate each writer's skills set, based on the following parameters:

  1. Academic and professional experience
  2. Writing quality and style
  3. Writing area expertise and preferences
  4. English writing test and writer application essay
  5. Writer's availability to accept new project​

May I collaborate with my Résumé Writer?

Yes, of course. In fact, that is what TWA is all about. We kindly ask for your collaboration because the feedback, observations, comments you provide throughout the process is what ensures that your Résumé is tailored specifically to your needs.

Do I need a Cover Letter along with my Résumé?

The short answer is that you do need a Cover Letter, even though, not every potential employer will ask you for one.

In fact, is true that some employer-representatives may never look at your Cover Letter, and some job application Websites do not give you a Cover Letter upload option at all. But what if a hiring manager would like to see your Cover Letter, only to find out that you have never submitted one?

To be prepared for an online job application submission, it is easy to find out whether a potential employer requires you to submit a Cover Letter or not. When you register at a career site, look around to see what uploads you should have ready for the application.

If next to a Résumé upload option you also see a Cover Letter (or other document) upload option, use it to your advantage. Many applicants you compete against will not go into such length, so your chances will increase by being better prepared.

What is the difference between Cover Letter and Résumé?

There are plenty of differences between the two, but here is short explanation: While your Résumé is a document about your employment history, professional skills, and education, your Cover Letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. In the Cover Letter you can succinctly explain the nature of your interest in the job, and what activities you have been engaging in that speak to your personal commitment to the job.

Can I submit the same set of Cover Letter and Résumé to multiple jobs of the same name?

Sure you can, but you shouldn't!

At TWA, we believe that your Résumé and Cover Letter convey your sincerity only if they are customized to a single target audience at a time. This is true even if you apply for ten identically named jobs at ten different companies. It is your responsibility to learn about the company, its culture, and the advertised position. Otherwise how do you know how your work experiences may fit in. Quite a homework - we hear you. But who said applying for a new job was easy? We think it is a good idea to create a master-set of Résumé and Cover Letter that you can customize to various specific purposes.