Other Writing Services (beta)

Copy Writing

Would you like to promote your brand and increase the sales of your products or services? We'll write you an engaging, high-converting copy, starting with a catchy headline, continuing with the essential, to-the-point information, and finishing with your call to action. With our copywriting solution, you can grab the attention of potential customers and effectively prompt them to click.


Editing is not the same as proofreading. Editing a document is a more time-consuming work than proofreading because it focuses on making a mediocre or bad writing into a high-quality work. That process requires revisions of the submitted text. Editing involves correct English expression, sentence structure, word usage, tone, and natural flow of content. As editors we ask, can we say things simpler and better, and this way, we eliminate fluff. We edit your written contents from one-paragraph length to hundreds of pages to prepare your documents for publication. Our services include sentence-level editing along with ensuring clarity and comprehension. We making the tone and use of language appropriate to the intended audience.

Business Editing

We edit your document to improve the quality of writing while observe carefully your confidentiality requirements.


Proofreading differs from editing. Good writing needs proofreading while bad writing needs editing first, and proofreading next. Proofreading is NOT the revision of the text, and it is not intended to make it a better writing. Proofreading involves fixing grammatical errors, punctuation, and incorrect use of words. We put your text through the investigative eyes of proofreading professionals to filter out spelling mistakes and make the document look fresh, polished, and contemporary, ready for publishing.

Business Proofreading

We edit your document to improve the quality of writing while observe carefully the confidentiality requirements you may have.

Document Formatting

Document formatting is different from editing and proofreading. Formatting is NOT concerned with making the writing itself a better quality. Its purpose is to create a visually organized content that is easy to read or scan. Most essays contain headings, paragraphs, quotations and bibliographic references. Need to format your document(s) uniformly and consistently? Tell us about the desired destination and purpose, and we'll ensure that the intended message is supported by consistent formatting and content-relevant stylistic attributes.

Content Writing

Effective communication is good business, and producing skilfully written content is a major part of that. A well-written, easy to read content serves as a strategic Online touch-point for gaining potential customers. Engage your audience with compelling content. We write and edit copy for print, digital, and direct mail, and other marketing and client acquisition purposes.

Product Descriptions

Having difficulty in describing your products or services clearly and succinctly? Original and clearly written product description not only informs customers but also carries SEO benefits.

Curriculum Writing

Curriculum writing is primarily about meeting the needs of learners to ensure they can access, understand, and apply the delivered content. Depending on the learning context and targeted learning environment, the curriculum may also must serve the needs and teaching styles of more than one instructor. Curriculum writing of various initiatives and goals require making a decision about the ultimate strategy. Whether the final product is an educational writing, instructional coaching, or instructional coordination will depend on what the program is to establish. Curriculum writing may be ground-up planning of a new set of learning objectives and strategies, but it may also be focused on standardizing teaching strategies across the board, altering/reworking outdated curricula, or writing the blueprint for implementing new educational materials. You have an entire course content to write and organize? We are here to help.

Step-by-Step Process Guides | User Manuals

Writing user manuals is to ensure that the user of a product receives logical and clear operational guidance or processing direction. User manuals and instructional aids often need to be written in a conversational tone to sound supportive yet forward-moving. Writing user manuals requires good technical writing.

Technical Writing

Want to communicate complex technical information clearly and concisely? We help you determine the degree of linguistic technicality essential for meeting the needs of your target audience. To make your document easily scannable, we combine our technical writing expertise with design know-how. Technical writers need to know how to approach various people to obtain the information necessary to prepare a document.

Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy

Your brand encapsulates everything you do to make your customers think and feel highly of you and your products and services. Strong and trustworthy brands are built over time to withstand the test of time. To that effect, a thoughtfully defined branding strategy is necessary. Build a meaningful brand right from the start. You came to the right place! We’ll help!

Brand Development

Since brand development, typically, happens over time, it is important to have a clear idea of the differentiating factors that set your brand apart from others. We help you start your brand development journey with clarity and meaningful fundamental concepts poised for lasting relevance and long-term success.

Mission Statement

Your company’s Mission Statement defines the company’s business area of expertise, reasons to exist, objectives, and the pathway to reach those objectives. The mission statement also includes your company values and how those are intended to match and enhance the values of clients and the community (online or ground or both) in which the company operates.

Vision Statement

Your company’s Vision Statement describes the company’s envisioned position and achievements in years to come. Where do you see the company is going.

Slogan Development

Slogans are brief, honest, and often rhythmical statements that convey a key benefit associated with your products or services. The slogan’s role is to help further differentiate your brand from another. For that reason, critical thinking and understanding of the overall mission of the company are important parts of writing/developing slogan development.

Custom Graphics

There are different categories of custom graphics production:

  • Resume head graphic identifier only
  • Resume chart or graph - Result/Productivity illustration
  • Personal Logo
  • Comprehensive Visual Identity package: Letterhead, business card, brand style guide, logos
  • Linkedin banner

Instructional Design Services

Course Content Automation

Transfer existing course content into interactive digital format. We use either Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline for this process.

E-Learning Project Consultation

We help you assess the scope of the project and suggest effective solutions.

Lesson Building

Do you have content for a lesson? We build the lesson/presentation for you on the platform that matches the content and audience the most.

Course Building

Do you have content for an entire course? We build a comprehensive course on it.

Learning/Training Module Production

This product typically contains interactive materials that engage users and enable them to effectively learn things needed for a work process.

Step-by-Step Process Instructions User Manuals

We transfer into accessible data complex content.

Topic Research & Content Writing

Not sure about what concepts to include in your project/product? We'll research the topic and write a proposed outline.