Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy ("Policy") of this website (the "Site") describes how The Writing Authority may use information collected through the Site.

Collection and Use of Personal Data


When using the Site or registering as a member of the Site, we collect your “Personal Information” to identify you as an individual and create a product specifically for you. The categories of Personal Information we may collect include your:

  1. Name and contact information (home address, phone number, email address)

  2. Employment history and professional experiences

  3. Educational background, training, and professionally relevant skills

  4. Any information relevant to your job search and desired job

  5. Targeted job references

  6. Professional achievements

  7. Login ID into the TWA Site



Use of Your Personal Information


Upon making a purchase on our Website, we register you with the Site. To conduct intercommunication sessions with you in the attempt of planning and creating your Resume products, your personal information is used and necessary. In addition, we may send you employment opportunity prompts and career notices relevant to your career path. We may use, once in a while, your personal contact info to send you service or product update email messages or marketing materials. We may also use your personal data to conduct our internal businesses process improving activities, analyses, and audits. 


Should you no longer wish to receive communication content from TWA after we have completed and delivered your product, please contact us at



Privacy Policy

  1. Client understands and agrees to the Privacy Policy of TWA.

  2. TWA will not share Client information or potential Client information (compiled via the TWA Website, mail, email, fax, telephone, Skype, in-person, or any other method) with other parties except as required for conducting regular business and marketing purposes. 

  3. To protect confidentiality, TWA may only use the Client's professional documents for purposes of articles, columns, books, industry-related publications by fictionalizing the Client's personally identifying data (name, address, employer info, etc). 

  4. Client understands that TWA tracks Client records from appointments to email communications to project status to documents, etc. and retains Client data for one year of project completion. The Client may request within one year, Resume rewrites, based on the retained information. (Resume rewrites at a later date will be considered new products to which, their own fees apply.) After one year, the retained data will be purged, and a new set of Resume building resources must be compiled for new Resume projects.