About TWA


TWA is a writing, branding, and instructional design services company. We offer our clients professionally written documents, training/learning packages, and comprehensive consultation options of project and process development that require clarity of writing and compelling visual design.

Our Story

The story of TWA started many years ago with writing Résumés and Cover Letters to our close circle of friends. That small-scale endeavor had an intriguing aspect to it: Our “clients” landed interviews and were offered their desired positions at an unusually high rate of success. The competitiveness of job markets was just as much a challenge back then as it is today. So, what was the “it” factor of our early success?


With our personal commitment to doing the best possible work for our clients, we wrote every résumé and cover letter originally from start to finish. Our résumés and job applications conveyed the applicant’s sincere interest in the positions, which appeared to inspire potential employers to reach out for more information.  


Early on, it became clear that an effective expression of one’s genuine personal commitment to the targeted profession was a key ingredient to be noticed and hired. TWA was established to help applicants convey that commitment effectively and sincerely, so all participants can find the most satisfactory solution at the end.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help job seekers clarify and strengthen their personal brand expression, so their audience can perceive them in a WYSIWYG fashion. We are committed to writing for the individual about the individual honestly and effectively. Our mission is to empower our clients with their unique definition of professional value, with which to enter and conquer today's competitive job markets.