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13 Characteristics of Microlearning (part 2)

(See part 1 of this article.)

7. Stimulating

It depends on the context whether the content in itself is stimulating or not. The idea is to solve a problem or overcome a bump in the process. The quick and easily accessible solution is exciting to have, and it is a cause of satisfaction on the job.

8. Anticipated

When a trainee has questions on-the-job while completing a specific process, that trainee is a fertile ground to take-in the provided information.

9. Targeted

The delivered information may be targeted to a specific person's existing skills or the context of the work itself. Or both. Either way, the microlearning event should be carefully curated to exclude any non-essential info.

10. Timely

The training is timely when it is provided exactly when needed. All-day sessions of training are separated from the opportunity to practice the learned content right away. The component of immediacy is missing. The gap between instruction and practice might stretch out long enough for the the information to fade into oblivion. Chunked information when delivered at the time of need seems to be a better way to overcome loss of productivity.

11. Strategic

Microlearning is strategic when the individual episodes are part of a comprehensive course or plan of growing the skills of an employee. There are occasions when a microlearning event could stand alone. But it is more common that an employee-skills growing initiative contains a larger breadth of content.

12. Relevant

The previously addressed concepts already highlighted the importance of relevance. Whatever the objective is, the microlearning episode should match that carefully and thoughtfully.

13. Actionable

What makes a microlearning event actionable is when the needed information addresses the problem at hand at the moment the problem occurs. There is no time wasted between learning and doing.

Microlearning delivers short segments of instructions. When people meet work process challenges on the job, they are in need of direct and immediate help to proceed. Training content that comes at the right moment, at the point-of-need, enables employees to complete their assignments better and faster.

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