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Microlearning at the Workplace

Contemporary research has produced compelling insights into how people learn for best retention. The length of learning events and the amount of learning content delivered at a time play an important role in whether the information sticks. Traditional methods of teaching involve the delivery of a large amount of data during long, isolated sessions. They often prove to be ineffective because the mode of delivery ignores how people actually learn.

Microlearning, on the other hand, affects human behavior by way of delivering short, focused segments of instructions. With microlearning, not only the length and amount of learning are considered. Small learning bites are provided at the moment when the learner is in need of job-specific information, essential for the successful completion of task at hand. During bite-sized learning content delivery, the learner can put into practice the newly acquired knowledge or skill right away.

Microlearning may not always be the best approach to learning, but it seems to be an effective training method at the workplace. When people face process challenges on the job, they are in need of direct and immediate help to proceed. Making the missing information available instantly and in bite-size, the knowledge gap between problem and solution may be quickly eliminated. Thus, the key to efficient performance and productivity lies in training-content delivery that brings the needed information to the learner, at an actionable moment, without delay.

Targeted Learning Moments = Effective Microlearning Events

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