We are here to tell your story

Why Choose The Writing Authority?

As a job seeker, you aim to get the job you want. As professional writers here at TWA, we aim to help you make that happen. And to reach that goal with flying colors, we at TWA consider each Résumé as a unique opportunity to herald each Client's personal brand. That is why you find more than just outstanding writers at TWA. Next to offering qualified wordsmithery, our team also effectively tackles tasks of personal brand development and personal brand overhaul. Our visual design experts are trained in graphic design, brand design, photography, multimedia, marketing, human factors, and product/industrial design.

We listen to your story

TWA is proud to create Résumés that are individually crafted to each Client's needs. We listen to your professional aspirations and desires, and join you in envisioning your successful future.


We use the materials you provide and interview you to build the content that is the best reflection of you.     

We tell your story

You won't find Résumé-mill types of products around here! The TWA Résumé makes YOU and your professional values the heroes of the story. We work with you to reveal your authentic self. 


We engage with you directly during the production of this content and invite you to partake in the authoring of your story. 

We write for today's Market

Employers are interested in whether you can solve the challenges they face. Your Résumé must demonstrate that you can. We help you articulate your commitment to your field of expertise in a way that it speaks most meaningfully to your target audience.

We dynamically interact with you to ensure in-depth understanding of your personality and professional goals. 

We Create A winning strategy 

Instead of giving you a bargain-basement Résumé that employers may or may not notice, we help you strategically position your relevant expertise and personal brand.  

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